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  • Email:
  • Telephone: 01634 376153
  • Mobile: 07773531801

Magic Services

Terry perfoming a magicians trick

Terry Knight offers a diverse range of magical entertainment to suit any occasion.

From corporate events to private parties and birthdays, Terry is able to adapt to any setting to provide the most enjoyable entertainment for you. Terry brings the wow factor to every event he attends, performing tricks and illusions to keep everyone entertained.

Discuss your requirements with Terry today on 01634 376153 or 07773531801 and he will adapt his show, illusions and magic tricks to fit your party and event requirements.

A Wide Range of Services Available

Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, product launch or trade show, or even a wedding reception, or a Christening party, Terry is the perfect solution, with interactive and professional illusions and tricks to keep your guests friends and family entertained.

Mix and Mingle Magic

Ideal for pre-dinner receptions and dances, weddings, this out-of-the-pocket close up magic, strolling magic is perfect to help encourage your guests to mingle and talk with one another.

Close Up Magic

This kind of magic can be performed between courses during a dinner, gala, weddings, private parties and birthday party celebration. Magic always amazes and enthrals your guests. From card tricks to illusions using ropes, rings and even escapology, close-up magic is the perfect entertainment for your event. Amaze your friends, family and clients with a varied array of tricks and illusions.

Table Hopping Magic

Perfect for dinners at restaurants, hotels and corporate events, weddings, where people are seated on separate tables. With table hopping at your party, you will be able to give each table their own, personal close up magic show.

Stage Cabaret

If you need some entertainment for the main focus of your evening, then a Terry Knight stage show is the solution. This involves a 45-minute show of enthralling magic and illusions.

Magicians hat

Magical Theme Night

A combined evening of close-up magic and stage magic show, this kind of magical entertainment is perfect for corporate dinners, or events where there will be a large group of people.

Magical theme night

Contact Terry Now

Head to the contact page to enquire about your next event.


Corporate Magic / Trade Show Magic

Terry will entertain your guests and make your product or service the centre of attention, all the while ensuring an exciting and interactive show for everyone. With clever use of magic and illusions, Terry will promote your company’s message throughout his show and make sure your guests have a magical time.

Gala night

Dinners, Galas, Banquets and Summer Balls

Magic is a great ice-breaker allowing your guests to interact and socialise. This helps the evening to flow and run smoothly and at the same time gives your guests an entertaining and truly magical experience they will remember. During the meal Terry will visit each table, performing magical effects that can be tailored to include the theme of the evening.

Private Dinner Party Magic

People are now arranging private dinner parties at home and entertaining their guests with magic. Your guests arrive and whilst having a drink are entertained with close-up magic and then after dinner you then sit back and have a small parlour magic show. Your guests will be amazed and thrilled watching magic perhaps for the first time being performed by a member of The Magic Circle!

The great misto

The Great Misto Victorian Magic Show

The Great Misto presents a Victorian mystical magic show filled with wonder and amazement! A cornucopia of cultured conjuring and tantalising trickery. Dressed in top hat and tails he will amaze and mystify his audience. Great for themed events, Victorian Christmas or Steam Punk events.

The Magic 100 Birthday Show

A show celebrating 100 years in Magic to celebrate your 100th Birthday in Style. You are never too old for your very own Magic Show. Lots of special magic and photo opportunities plus a real White Rabbit and Grand Illusion to finish. Keep it top secret; you have to be 100 years old for this one. Great entertainment and fun for all the family and friends young and old.

100th birthday

Spirit of The Blitz War Time Magic Show

Home Front entertainer and magician Magic Tommy presents a war time themed show of magic and wonder. The show is based around the magic of World War II and uses items, props and music of the day to produce a make and mend type of show to entertain children and families in our nation’s finest hour. Great for themed events, living history events, schools.

Blitz war time magic show

For a truly memorable event whatever the occasion, call Terry Knight on 01634 376153 or 07773531801 to discuss your requirements or use our contact page and we will get back to you by return. Terry is part of The Magic Circle, Equity and holds DBS, CRB, and Certificates and Public Liability Insurance.